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I missed blogging. I'm not even sure I remember how to do it, but I missed it so here I am.

So let's catch up ...

V is 8.5. Sweet and crazy as ever. Still cat obsessed, but now also obsessed with making things. Hand sewing (need to get my machine out and get her started). She wants to learn to make realistic stuffed cats and dogs.

H is 2 just this month. His eyes are brown. His disposition is generally sunny but, you know, he's 2 now ... A more bonny boy, one could not ask for.

R is good. We put the screenprinting ideas on hold for now. It turns out that it's quite costly to start up that kind of business. I don't think we've completely given up on the idea yet. I need to talk to him about that.

Me? I've had a hell of a year and a half. But better days are here, methinks. I've barely taken out my camera in 2 years. I haven't knit anything since 2012 (I have half a sock to go but I can't remember where I am in the pattern exactly). I just bought some lovely Finn wool to spin from on the round, but I haven't spun it yet. I'm not dyeing. My life is too busy and I don't like that. But I always have ideas. Most I never get to, but others catch hold and won't let me go until I'm acting on them. Right now that's jewelry.

I want to learn to make jewelry. Like real jewelry, with lovely metals and stones and such. Starting with the basics and going as far as it will take me.
What are you up to these days?


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Alexis Roberts

I think I'm going to start blogging again too. I've missed it, and the nice folks that I met. I'm glad to see you back!


I miss the nice folks too! I hope you will start up again!

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