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Things are moving slowly. Well, time moves quickly. Weeks pass me like I'm standing still, though I rarely stand still. Up in the morning, run around all day, fall into bed at night. And I didn't even go anywhere today.

V's art teacher has accepted a job as Director of Education for a local museum. We're so very happy for her and she's going to do great at the job, but we're sad for us. We're going to miss seeing her and her sweet dog too.

I need to find another activity for V. She wants to do gymnastics. Sweet girl can't skip rope. Or do jumping jacks. I want her to try a Crossfit class. I think she'd really like it. I don't know that she's the competitive sport type. But she can check both out and see what works for her.

Every spare moment I work on the new shop, even if it's just in my head. I can tell this is going to take me forever. I'm so impatient. I can't even think of a name. I'm telling myself that it will come to me, that I'll pluck it right out of the blue sky. But I'm not so sure. It's making my head hurt.

But I did set this stone and it was so thrilling to me, I can't tell you. I haven't taken it off since.

I've been wearing it with my rose gold stacking ring like a wedding set. I love it.

Yesterday, I started making fresh juices for Holden. There's too much for just him, so V and I have been having some as well. It's ... interesting. This week we have apples, kale, red cabbage, sage, tomato, red pepper, and I added an orange but it didn't seem to make it sweeter. It tastes grassy. I have to drink it quickly. But Holden drank most of his and I'm happy with that. Someone in a Facebook group I'm in told me that their son was cured of severe eczema by eating plant-based whole foods and that it took 6 months. I'm not sure H's is severe (though it's pretty bad), so hopefully it'll take less time. It's so sad to see him scratch and cry, "Itchy!"

Eczema baby

So H has eczema. All over his little legs. So mama's about to get tough.

First off, we need to see an allergist, though we can't do that until June or July. Because he doesn't just have eczema, though that's bad enough. He is also allergic to peanuts. Can I tell you how much fear that puts in my heart?

So, from what I've read in Disease-Proof Your Child, H needs more fruits and vegetables (and zero processed foods), and that changing his diet can cure his eczema within a couple of months. Change your diet and find out within 3 months if it's working? Count me in!

I'm also reading The Peanut Allergy Answer Book. I haven't had a lot of time to read that one because I have orders to make for Mother's Day, but I will get back to it by week's end. But he seems to be saying (so far) that we're (as a first world country) too clean, and that's why our babies are getting more allergies. And that since they told everyone to keep their kids away from peanuts from 0-3 years old, peanut allergies have increased dramatically. Go science!

Well, I did not stay away from peanuts while I was pregnant and early breastfeeding. I didn't eat them daily or anything, but I probably ate the amount that any person would eat, mainly in the form of peanut butter on my apple (or chocolate). I also ate a ton of raw cashews. He's definitely allergic to peanuts.

Then the other day I read that babies with eczema are also more likely to have peanut allergies. So, wonderful. Why didn't anyone tell me?

So here's my plan. For now, I'm ever-increasing his diet to a plant-based diet with no gluten, no nuts, no dairy (including eggs), and no processed food. We're more than halfway there. I will get him into see an allergist as soon as possible so we can find out what he's really allergic to (he'd previously eaten baked foods made with almond milk and eaten sweet potato casserole with pecans with zero reaction, and grabbed and crammed a chocolate covered cashew into his mouth). I'm also going to start making him green juices, at least once a day. Because he's going to eat the amount of food that his body tells him to eat. I can't force him to eat more. And I can't force him to eat things like celery and cucumber and kale that he doesn't like. But I can give him more antioxidants through juicing. He drinks 1-2 cups of regular apple juice a day, so I can replace those with fresh green juice. Thankfully, my MIL gave me her juicer a few years ago. I've only used it twice, but it's coming back out this weekend.

My secret hope is that he's young enough to heal, both the eczema and the peanut allergy (I've read 20% of kids can outgrow a peanut allergy by age 6). That may be too much to hope for, but I'm going to continue researching and doing all that I can. I haven't found any studies or anything saying that increasing fruits and vegetables can reverse a peanut allergy, but I've read that doing so can lessen or reverse other types of allergies, so we may as well try. Can't hurt.

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To do list

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?
My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.
Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends,
So Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?

You know this song? I've had it running through my head all day. It does that, this song. I've never been a fan of Janis', but she's been growing on me lately.

I want to start a new jewelry shop, the final jewelry shop. The best little jewelry shop I can make. So I have a to do list.

I need:

Design ideas: have several written down already
Tools: assorted pliers, hammers, stamps, metal, metal wire, a bench block, chain to make necklaces, and more, I'm sure.
A shop name: something not already taken either on Etsy or on the internet.
Packaging materials: I have ideas, but haven't sourced anything yet.
Business cards/branding (assuming Etsy isn't going to take our banners away. Been kind of waiting to find out about that): Wanting a real logo for this shop, as in something I didn't make myself. And there's a reason for that, which I'll explain in a future post. It might have to wait a little while, though.
Photos: I really want a dedicated place to take photos, but I'm not sure that's possible, given the light in my house. But I need to get all my photo props together and decide if I need to add to them right away or not. There's a particular mood I want to create, but I know virtually nothing about photographing jewelry. So I'll be learning about that too.

My plan is to start with the basics, and use really nice materials. I've always loved semi-precious stones. And I adore the current trend of raw stones. That can last forever as far as I'm concerned. I'll start with wire wrapping and making "charm necklaces," as I call them. And there are at least two types of bracelets I want to make. Eventually I'd like to get into either precious metal clays or I might just skip that and go straight to soldering and fabricating my own ideas. I hesitate to call them designs or to call myself a designer. I'm a long, long way from there. And I'd need to take classes, which really isn't feasible right now. But there's plenty for me to do and learn on my own in the meantime.

I have started collecting some beads. I got these gorgeous ceramic beads the other day. I've also got some pyrite, labradorite, moonstone. Love to look at them. Can't wait to get started. But first I need some tools - and I really need to clear out the "fiber room" so it can morph into the "jewelry studio."