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Per V's request

V requested that I not write about jewelry, that I write more often, and that I talk about the things we are doing as a family.

I agreed.

So I'll have a new blog for the business junk, as she calls it.

This week, she started third grade in our homeschool, which we have named Flying Cat Academy. I'll have to share a picture of the kids wearing their shirts when they come out of the wash. They're too cute. Week one went pretty well, I think. We read a lot. History and math, with some grammar thrown in. Plus the regular assortment of books she reads. Lately she's been reading Jean Craighead George's My Side of the Mountain trilogy. I just ordered the third book for her. As she finished the second one, she said it was too short. That usually means that she really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow, I'll be looking for vintage books at the antique shop to use as photo props. V is probably thinking she'll get another ceramic cat to add to her collection. Holden doesn't know what to think yet, as he's never been.

This is a short post because they're waiting for me to come play in the living room. And because I keep meaning to write but keep thinking that I will once I take some good pictures. Then I don't take any pictures. So I figure I just need to jump back into writing and the rest will follow. Or not. Either way, it's cool.

Happy weekend!

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