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Today we went to our local science museum, Tellus. It was really windy outside, but we went and looked at the giant dumptrucks they have there.

Big Truck at Tellus

We saw a lot of dinosaur bones, which Holden loved.

Dinosaur at Tellus

Holden makes me laugh. When he sees a man that he doesn't know, he calls him "Guy" or "Man." There was a security guard there. Holden went up to him and said, "Hello, Guy. Sabertooth Tiger, Guy." It was cute.

And he touched poop.

Holden in B&W at Tellus

We saw giant coral, which was beautiful.

Coral at Tellus

We panned for gems, dug for dinosaur bones (V found an awesome big tooth!), and I bought some rocks at the museum to use as photo props.

Then V climbed on the big rock outside before we left.

Violet at Tellus

Holden wanted in on that.

Holden at Tellus

This picture doesn't really look like him, but I really like it.

Right now Holden and I are playing a game I call "Mama Pick Me Up." He says, "Mama pick me up," and I do, but then I start naming body parts. I say, "Neck pick me up!" and "Riblets pick me up," tickling as we go. We laugh and laugh. He's a sweetie.


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That looks like a lot of fun!

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