i love my business

Absolutely perfect

Do you know what I love most about my camera lens? I love that it makes all the toys and things in the background of my photos just look so pretty instead of so messy.

Holden in Handknits 002

Do you know what else I love? Or who, rather. Meghan. She's a sweetheart. She so thoughtfully knitted this for baby Holden a while back with a skein of my Philomath Worsted, in my favorite color (Silver Screen). Is that too sweet or what?

She's a fantastic designer and has even more patterns on Ravelry, which you should check out. Especially if you love shawls.

Holden in Handknits 001

I love the xoxo motif on the sides of this little vest. And I absolutely love that she made it big enough so that it's just a tiny bit too big for him now that he's right at 6 months old. That means it'll be absolutely perfect for him for our Georgia fall and winter and he'll probably be able to wear it straight through to spring. And then I'm going to put it away and keep it until maybe one day when Holden's son will get to wear it.

Holden in Handknits 006

Knitters are wonderful and generous folks, I've learned.

Which reminds me, if you're a yarn dyer or any sort of maker whatsoever, and you feel you could use a pick-me-up, just give something away on a blog. Right now I'm giving away some yarn over on the Knitty Blog and the comments I'm reading are making me smile!

You can also check out the Small Things blog this weekend, where I'll be giving away a skein of Muscadine Sock for your autumn knitting pleasure.

In pattern news, there's a new crochet shawl pattern that was designed with 2 skeins of my Eulela DK. Shibaguyz used my Olivine colorway for Tiamat - very dramatic!

And last, but most definitely not least, one of my customers (hi K!) used some of my yarn for a test knit she was doing for Yarn Madness' brand new Dyning pattern. I was thrilled to see my yarn as one of the suggested yarns when the pattern was released! Madeleine is a new-to-me designer but I've already bought two of her patterns and I'm planning to knit them ASAP. Vinkel is a really cute sweater with an interesting design that I think will work great here in Georgia, where it's not always so cold, even in winter. And of course I had to get Dyning, which I'm thinking of knitting long enough for it to be a dress for Miss V, but we'll see when I get there.

In the meantime, I'm working on a hat for R and still trying to overcome my second sock syndrome on a pair of Nutkins! But what about you? Are you knitting anything fun this fall? Any new-to-you designers I should know about? Do tell!

Holla Knits!

There's a new knitting mag in town - Holla Knits! They just released the Fall Collection today and I'm so happy to be a part of it.

Henri Knitting Pattern Ann Leachman Holla Knits Springtree Road Praline DK3

Meet Henri, by Ann Leachman, not just your favorite cat, but now also your new favorite sweater! The green one is knit in my Praline DK, in the colorway Idyl. Gorgeous, right? I love cables!

If you love them too, you can order a sweater's quantity of yarn for this pattern in my shop right now.

Henri Knitting Pattern Ann Leachman Holla Knits Springtree Road Praline DK11

Holla Knits! is also having a blog tour this month - with prizes! Here's the schedule:

Sept 10th: The Sweatshop of Love - entire collection & New Girl pattern giveaway
Sept 11th: I Knit 2 Purl 2 - Devon Cardigan pattern giveaway, and subscriber exclusive yarn giveaway
Sept 12th: Wooly Wonka Fiber - Devon Cardigan pattern giveaway, free shipping when you order a sweaters worth of yarn
Sept 13th: Stash, the Knit Picks Blog
Sept 14th: Knits in Class - Bombshell Shorts pattern giveaway, subscriber exclusive discount and yarn giveaway
Sept 17th: The Owl and the Bee - Sexxxy Librarian pattern giveaway, and subscriber exclusive yarn giveaway
Sept 18th: Periwinkle Sheep - New Girl pattern giveaway, subscriber exclusive yarn giveaway
Sept 19th: Knitting Vortex - Jilted pattern giveaway, subscriber exclusive yarn giveaway
Sept 20th: Roman Hills - Jilted pattern giveaway, subscriber exclusive discount
Sept 21st: Under the Red Umbrella - Bombshell Shorts pattern giveaway
Sept 24th: Springtree Road - Henri pattern giveaway, 2 skeins Praline DK giveaway
Sept 25th: Magical Grammar - Henri pattern giveaway, subscriber exclusive yarn giveaway
Sept 26th: Dirty Water Dyeworks - Sexxxy Librarian pattern giveaway, free shipping on all orders with coupon code ‘Holla Knits’

My blog post will be on September 24th and I'll be giving away the pattern my yarn is knitted with, plus 2 skeins of Idyl on Praline DK. So please come back then for a chance to win. In the meantime, check out the entire collection on the Holla Knits! blog (plus videos for each pattern!) and let me know what you think!

31,000 yards of yarn

I'm having a big shop update on Saturday, September 1st at 10am Eastern with oodles and oodles of yarn - 31,614 yards of it!

This was me playing around with a dish that was my grandmother's and some Eulela DK. I can't believe how long it's been since I had Eulela in the shop! It's one of my favorites. I love the DK weight - so refined. And the Merino and silk take color beautifully.

Shale SScreen Eulela 001

But that's not really new, is it? Let's talk new yarn by way of Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

This used to be the chimney of a store in Oglethorpe County when my grandfather was a child. It was his parents' store. 


The location is a farm now, right down the road from the subdivision that used to be his family's land. If you look at the Pleasant Hill District (top left) of this map from 1894, you can find Big Clouds Creek and "JD Coil," which marks the location (and misspells the family name, Coile). I love old maps. 

I like to name my yarn bases after places and things that mean something to me, so that's why I'm calling these two new yarns Clouds Creek DK and Clouds Creek Sock.

This is the DK in Winter Thistle, a brand new colorway. It's 100% superwash BFL, 240 yards per skein, and it's really nice. I'm going to grab one for me and make a hat for this winter.

Winter Thistle purple grayish pink bfl dk weight bluefaced leicester knitting crochet hat springtree road 001

Clouds Creek Sock is also 100% superwash BFL, but it's one fat skein - 150 grams and 650 yards - so perfect for shawls! Or a matching set of mama/baby or daddy/baby socks! This is Cinnabar.

Cinnabar brick red BFL sock yarn 003

I've also got a yarn club in the works. An easy peasy club where you don't have to go all in to enjoy it, though you can if you like! Details will be in the shop on Saturday morning.

It's the Summer of New!

Hello! I've got a new shop update coming this Thursday at 3pm Eastern! I'll have a few skeins of Muscadine Sock, but it's also the Summer of New!, which means 2 new yarn bases in this update.

I've got some gorgeous Julep Twist Sock, which is an MCN like Julep Sock, except in a 2-ply with a tight twist. It's squishy and wonderful!

Next shop update
I've also got some gorgeous camel and silk heavy laceweight I'm calling Jessamine Lace. It's supersoft and a beautiful natural tan color that dyes up deliciously.

I hope you'll join me!

Shop update on Tuesday

It's been a busy three months - H is 3 months old today! Time is flying!

I'm trying to get more on a schedule so that I can have more regular shop updates, about twice a month. The next one is tomorrow.

Next shop update
There will be some Muscadine, Julep, & Emeline Sock. I love these four colors together. Yum!

I've also been thinking about new yarn bases. I'll be getting four new bases tomorrow and dyeing them up through the rest of July and into August - I'm calling it the Summer of New! More on that later.

The only shop update in March!

Well, howdy! I've been a busy bee, dyeing up yarns. I think they're right pretty and ready for spring knitting. I can't wait for you to see them!


I'm having Baby H two weeks Monday (unless he has another idea, obviously!), so this will be the only yarn shop update this month. It'll be on Tuesday, March 20th (first day of spring!), at 10am Eastern.

Let's knit an Aran

If all goes according to plan, I'll keep the shop open until March 31st. Sometime on that day, I'll change each listing to "Coming Soon," which means you'll still be able to look, but won't be able to buy until I can reopen.

Fingers crossed, I'll reopen sometime in mid- to late-April. We'll just have to see...

hardest button

We can't wait to meet him! You'll get to meet him too - just watch this space sometime the first two weeks of April.

Shop update tomorrow @ 10am!

Soooooo things seem to have gotten slooooooow around here. I am moving slower, thinking slower, and needing to rest more. Comes with being preggers, right? Oof!

I'm not used to it and it's making me a little lot impatient! I intended to have more yarn for tomorrow. Some nice worsteds and stuff.

But the show must go on! So tomorrow we have a shop update! With some really pretty yarn, if I do say so myself.

next shop update

There will be Muscadine Sock and Emeline Sock, mainly in jewel tones. It's not very cold here this winter, but the trees are leafless and the grass is brown, so I thought some bright spots of color would be nice.

Shop update(s) & a colorful Philomath Worsted!

This morning I was working toward photographing the yarns for the next update and glanced over to the living room where R just brought V's play kitchen upstairs and I thought, hey! I should take some yarn pictures there!

Play Kitchen 003

So I did. What was kind of comical about it was that sitting on the floor is not my best option at the moment, with this baby belly I've got going and a touch of sciatica. 

Play Kitchen 004

I say a touch just to be polite. The reality went more like ... [camera clicking] snap snap "Ouch!" snap snap "Ouch!!!" snap snap "OUCH!" Only add your choice of foul language into the mix as well.

Play Kitchen 002

But I like the pictures. 

For this update, on Wednesday February 1st at 2pm Eastern, I'll have something a little different, just for fun. Four skeins of Philomath Worsted in an honest-to-goodness color palette. Plus a couple of other semi-solid colors. Though semi-solids are what I'm drawn to, sometimes a girl just needs to mix it up.

Play Kitchen 001

There will also be the usual suspects (skeins of Muscadine Sock) in a couple of new colorways.

Play Kitchen 005

And Spinners, I haven't forgotten the roving! It'll be coming your way in a rare Sunday afternoon update - February 5th at 2pm Eastern. Hope you can make it!

New colorways: the Aoifes

So I was dyeing some yarn this week and had an idea for one - greens and blues and turquiose, but darkened by gray.

So I did up 4 skeins of Julep Sock in turquoise. Then added some leafy greens. Next was to come the gray, but when I pulled them out of the pot they were so vibrant and beautiful I couldn't cover them all with gray.

So I did two and left two alone. Here's one of each.

The Aoifes

I love how the gray glazing changes their personality. Some might think it makes them even more beautiful, while others might prefer the more vibrant version.

So I'll have two of each of these - I'm calling the vibrant one Aoife and the other one Dark Aoife - in the next shop update this Thursday, January 12th at 10am Eastern. Hope to see you there!

Introducing Julep Worsted!

Julep Worsted is my new yarn base - it's the same squishy blend as my Julep Sock - superwash Merino + cashmere + nylon, but it's a heavy worsted skein of 180 yards.

next shop update

I think this one is my favorite, Rainforest.

Rainforest - Julep Worsted

Yummy yum yum! I'll have five colorways coming tomorrow, but not in sweater quanties. If you fall in love and find you need enough for a sweater, just send me an email after the update and we'll talk!

Last shop update of the year!

It seems that 2011 has flown by! Wow! I don't know about you, but I'm definitely looking forward to what 2012 has to bring.

In the meantime, I'm doing one last big update for the year (though I may add a skein here and there before the end of 2011! Check my Facebook page for info on unscheduled updates.).

The update will be tomorrow morning - Friday, 12/16/11, at 10am Eastern.

All the yarn

All the yarn will be my Muscadine Sock and there will be 8 new colorways!

Have a holly jolly!

Sock yarn coming your way!

Lots of yarn love going on at my house today.

Yarn Love 001

V said she wanted to give every skein a kiss, but soon ran off to make a Christmas card for someone special.

Yarn Love 002

These are a few of the yarns that will be in tomorrow's update.

Yarn Love 003

All sock yarn coming tomorrow - Muscadine, Julep, Emeline - at 10am Eastern. See you tomorrow at the shop!

New colorway: Mist - & a shop update on Thursday

The next shop update is coming this Thursday morning at 10am Eastern. All the yarns in the update will be in my wonderful new base, Coquina DK, a single ply, 100% superwash Merino yarn. Each skein will be 254 yards and 100 grams. Retail price will be $26.

And here's my final new colorway for this update, Mist.


It's a soft grayish blue, with bits of medium blue just lightly strewn here and there.

Mist light gray blue coquina dk weight hand dyed yarn knitting crochet hat cowl DPN beautiful springtree road superwash merino wool single ply 003

Just look at them sitting there, all plump and delicious. Just waiting to be wound into a ball and knitted into something cozy. Or crocheted. They'd be happy either way.

Mist light gray blue coquina dk weight hand dyed yarn knitting crochet hat cowl DPN beautiful springtree road superwash merino wool single ply 001

I hope you've enjoyed the previews of the new colorways! The next update will have lots of sock yarns and, just in case you're not into DK weight yarn, each of these three new colorways will be available in at least one of my sock yarn bases.

New colorway: Aubrine

Lately, I've been playing with gray. Yesterday, it was gray + brown, today it's gray + purple, and tomorrow it's a gray + blue, though that one is much lighter in shade.

Aubrine purple gray coquina dk weight hand dyed yarn knitting crochet hat cowl DPN beautiful springtree road superwash merino wool single ply 002

Meet Aubrine, a smoky, purpley gray. 

Aubrine purple gray coquina dk weight hand dyed yarn knitting crochet hat cowl DPN beautiful springtree road superwash merino wool single ply 003

I've been looking at baby names for a few months now and I really like names that start with Au - Audrey, Auberon, and August. Then there's Aubrey, which is a family name - one of my grandfather's brothers. Since this yarn is sort of almost an eggplant purple, I combined Aubrey with aubergine and got Aubrine.

Aubrine purple gray coquina dk weight hand dyed yarn knitting crochet hat cowl DPN beautiful springtree road superwash merino wool single ply 001

Now this is my kind of purple. Or gray. However you want to look at, I dig it. I would love to make a scarf with this colorway, to go with my dark gray coat.

This one will be in the shop on Thursday - more details to come here on the blog tomorrow & through the newsletter, plus the usual social spots.

New colorway: Nutbaby

I'm preparing for the next shop update today - looks like it'll be shaping up for Thursday, but I'll announce that for sure in a day or two. All the yarns in this update will be my new base - a single ply, DK weight, 100% superwash Merino, 100% super squishable yarn.

For this update, I'll have 11 colorways - 3 of them brand new. Here's the first of the three, Nutbaby.

Nutbaby brown gray coquina dk weight hand dyed yarn knitting crochet hat cowl DPN beautiful springtree road superwash merino wool single ply 002

Take some charcoal, shake in some brown, and you get Nutbaby. I think this would make a great hat for your favorite fellow - or for you. 

Nutbaby brown gray coquina dk weight hand dyed yarn knitting crochet hat cowl DPN beautiful springtree road superwash merino wool single ply 003

What's a nutbaby? Well, we have these trees in the backyard and I should know what kind they are, but I just can't ever remember even though my friend Denise told me just a couple of weeks ago. But they give us these just all over the place.

Look! A Nutbaby!

V started calling them nutbabies and it stuck. So it's a nutbaby tree, I suppose.

Land Art 005

I wanted to do a strong yarn that would be suitable for a man or a woman and Nutbaby is what what I came up with. The name works, huh? ;)

Nutbaby brown gray coquina dk weight hand dyed yarn knitting crochet hat cowl DPN beautiful springtree road superwash merino wool single ply 001

Please check back tomorrow for details on the second new colorway!

Black Friday sale on hand dyed yarn!

Well, howdy! I'm having a Black Friday sale this year, except I'm starting it on Thursday! If you've been wanting to stock up on Springtree Road yarn - up to 20% off - this is your best chance of the year. 

Stock up

The sale will start first thing on Thursday and run through Friday night at 11:59pm Eastern. Here are the codes you need to take advantage of the sale:

BLACKFRIDAY3 to get 10% off any 3-4 yarns
BLACKFRIDAY5 to get 15% off any 5-6 yarns
BLACKFRIDAY7 to get 20% off any 7+ yarns

Hope you and yours have a happy Thanksgiving!

R's new hat

Hiya! So I finished knitting R's new hat (the Boyfriend Beanie) and I'm planning to take some pictures of him wearing it this weekend. But until then - here it is!

Rs hat 001

I truly enjoyed knitting with this yarn. It's twisted just enough that it makes those cute, plump little stitches similar to handspun, which I love. And the yarn didn't break on me once. Not to imply that handspun does, but someone asked me about it since this isn't a plied yarn.

Rs hat 003

I adore it! I can't wait to knit something else with this yarn.

Rs hat 002

I have chosen a name for the new yarn base from the contest entries and emailed the winner. I'm planning to present the yarns in a few favorite colorways and a few new ones on or around November 28th. Check back for more details or subscribe to my newsletter for info on shop updates.

Kohl for R

Yesterday I dyed up a test skein of my new DK weight, Superwash Merino, single ply yarn base in Kohl for R. I knitted him a hat a few years ago and it's definitely time for another one.

Kohl for R 001

I love this new base! So far, it's everything I dreamed it would be. It is squishy yarn deliciousness! I'm going to knit him the Boyfriend Beanie by Sophie at Haloopa Joop. I'm planning to cast on today. 

Kohl for R 002

There's still time to enter the contest to name this new yarn base and win a free skein. Feel free to add more later if you think of anything else. 

Name this yarn base - win a free skein!

I have a new yarn base in my possession. I'm dropping everything else to start dyeing it on Monday. I'm so very thrilled with it.

And I'd like your help naming it.

Name Me

About the yarn - it's DK weight, 100% Superwash Merino, single ply, super soft and squishy. So exciting! It's a single! Singles remind me of handpun yarn. I've been wanting to add a single ply hand-dyed yarn to my shop for a good year now.

But back to the name. I'm all give out! Thinking of baby names! Yarn colorway names! Names for all the cats and dogs that V wants to get! I do a lot of naming. So I would love your input.

I have a naming theme going on for my yarn bases - Southern things - Julep (as in mint), Praline (as in pecan), Muscadine (as in vine). I've also used place names - Navarre is a little town in Florida (where R & I honeymooned) and Philomath is a little town in Georgia. I intend to stay with the Southern theme. 

Unique names are best (there are plenty of yarn bases named "magnolia" and "hummingbird"). Place names, food names, pretty names, something else I haven't thought of - all good as long as it feels particularly Southern US.

While I can't promise that I will definitely pick one of your suggestions (though I want to and I very well may), I can promise that I will pick a winner and send that person pictures of the colorways I dye next week before I list them in my shop, let you choose one skein as a prize, and then send it to you (anywhere, worldwide). So you get first dibs! And the first chance to knit with my new yummy yarn base!

So...ideas? Show me what you've got! Just leave a comment before Wednesday, November 16th, at 8pm Eastern and I'll consider it. Thanks so much!

Knitcircus #15

Have you seen the latest issue of Knitcircus


This issue has some really great articles - including one on colorwork and an interview with Jared Flood.

It's also chock full of great patterns for the autumn season, including the Furlough Sock (Rav link), which was designed by Sara Peterson with my Julep Sock in Cafe au Lait (2 skeins of that in the shop right now).

Furlough socks by sara peterson 3

Just gorgeous! I'm honored to be in such great company!

Next update - Friday, July 22

Some shop news today!

The next installment of my sock yarn club is coming on Monday, July 25th, at 10am Eastern. The Autumn Sock Clique will have fiber options this time, so you can have your choice of yarn bases.

July 22nd

And I'm having a shop update on Friday, July 22nd, at 11am Eastern. The preview of the yarns will be up on Thursday, as usual - just check the Coming Soon section of my shop sometime tomorrow.

In this update I will have skeins of Muscadine Sock, Julep Sock, Moultrie Sock, & Eulela DK.


Tea Cakes Lace coming tomorrow

Just a wee shop update this week. I've got 10 skeins of Tea Cakes Lace (5 colorways)

Boreal olive green brown Tea Cakes Lace merino silk laceweight yarn shawl shawlette 002

and 3 skeins of Julep Sock (2 colorways).

Contact aqua green blue gray julep sock yarn mcn merino cashmere indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 002

The update will be live on Thursday, July 7th at 11am Eastern.

You can preview the yarns here.

I'm also spinning a few skeins of my La Vie En Rose super bulky thick & thin for those who have been asking me about it. This yarn is used for Tric Drake's Twisted Taffy Hat, along with Blue Sky Alpacas bulky yarn in Blossom. I'll have a few 2- and 4-oz skeins available (a 2-oz skeins is more than enough for personal use. A 4-oz skein would make quite a few more hats from this pattern). When they're ready, I'll announce them on my Facebook page.

Brown and pink & orange...

Shop update coming Monday, June 27th at 10:00 pm Eastern time.

I guess I've been on a brown and pink & orange kick this month, because I've got a rosy brown...

Bateau milk chocolate rose pink brown julep sock yarn mcn merino cashmere indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 002

And I've got a lighter pink & orange...

Cloudberry Jam apricot raspberry orange pink julep sock yarn mcn merino cashmere indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 001

And then I've got more of an earthy brown...

Terra Incognita brown black julep sock yarn mcn merino cashmere indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 004

And I've also got a darker pink & orange!

Orange Honeysuckle burnt orange pink navarre sock yarn indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 002

Sometimes these things just can't be helped!

I also did a few other colors, including just one Tea Cakes Lace in Sangria. The preview is already up, so feel free to check out what's coming tomorrow night!

No rain this morning

My plan yesterday was to photograph the yarn for this next update, but the rain was a hindrance. But this morning there was no rain, so I got it done. Yay!

freshly photographed yarn

I'm still editing photos, but look for the yarn preview and announcement of when the next update will be on Monday.

And have a great weekend! We're going to the pool this weekend. Another yay!