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Yesterday I dyed yarn. Most of the yarn was freshly dyed, but some of it was me changing or "fixing" yarn by overdyeing what I dyed the other day. All sorts of things can happen when you dye yarn - sometimes a brand new jar of dye comes out looking so very different than the last one.

Or a color looks completely different on a different fiber blend.

Or you get splotches of a color you don't want. I don't like when that happens. I like things to be predictable, for the most part.


I feel like I should always be able to do everything perfectly the first time I try. Yarn dyeing helps me remember how silly a burden that is to place on yourself, and that sometimes a do-over can turn out even better than the original plan. 

Shop update on Thursday

Hello! New yarn is on the way this Thursday at 10am Eastern!

First off, I think the preview I did last time really worked for people so I'm going to keep doing that. Tomorrow morning I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and turn the listings on in "coming soon" mode and they will be in that category on the site so you'll be able to check them out and perhaps plan a purchase should you find something wonderful.

With this update, I'll have two new yarns. The first is called Moultrie Sock, though it may be more suited to shawls and similar things because it is hand wash only. It's a blend of baby alpaca, silk, and cashmere and it is one of the softest yarns I've ever felt.

I think this is my favorite color of the ones I dyed for this update. I'm calling it Silvered Sage.  It's a really pretty, soft green to go along with a really beautiful, soft yarn.

Silvered Sage moultrie sock baby alpaca silk cashmere fingering weight socks shawl knitting crochet 002

I will have 4 skeins each in 5 colorways of Moultrie Sock.

Next up is Sweet Vidalia Sport, a 100% superwash Merino yarn. 

Sphera teal blue green brown sweet vidalia sport weight beautiful yarn merino indie dyer springtree road knitting crochet 003

I'm calling this colorway Sphera - it's teal blue glazed with my favorite brown. In some places where the two colors meet, it looks greenish. I'm loving it! I've also got 5 colorways of Sweet Vidalia Sport, but with 6 skeins each, plus a sixth colorway that is a single, one of a kind skein that happened when I was playing around one day.

And last, but not least, Muscadine Sock! Yay! Again, 5 colorways and 4 skeins each, except I did 6 skeins of Anemone because that was a popular one last time.

Anemone gray purple muscadine sock yarn indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 002

Also - I'm doing a giveaway over at Yarn on the House, so please check it out. All you have to do is comment on your favorite colorway to be entered to win.

Thanks, as always, for reading. I appreciate your support and the time that you take out of your busy day for me and my little yarn shop.

the unwind project

the unwind project is my latest collaboration with Alecia from madbird and we'd love for you to join us!

If you participate in the unwind project, you will receive a package in the mail every other month (mid-June, August, and October 2011) that includes one project bag from madbird and one skein of Julep Sock from Springtree Road in a surprise fabric/colorway. Then you can join us in the unwind Ravelry group to show off your knits! You will also have the option to purchase more than one skein of yarn, if you like.

Alecia and I will be picking our own patterns to knit and you can pick your own knit/crochet pattern, or choose one of us to knit along with. I can't wait to see all the different ways that the yarn will be used!

the unwind project goes on sale on Monday, May 9th at 10am Eastern and spots are limited. Half of them will be available in my shop and the other half over at madbird's gorgeous new shop!

If you have any questions, you can either email me (springtreeroad at gmail) or leave them in the comments and I will answer them there!

Lingonberry Gloves (+ shop update)

Check these out - aren't they adorable?!

Lingonberry Gloves Anne Riley knitting pattern 001

I'm in love with fingerless mitts. I like to wear them when it's chilly - inside to type on the computer and outside to take photographs. 

These are the Lingonberry Gloves, designed by Anne K. Riley. Anne, a Georgia girl like me, used my Muscadine Sock yarn in the Lingonberry Jam colorway, though I think any of my sock bases would work well with this pattern.

Lingonberry Gloves Anne Riley knitting pattern 002

I just love this design - simple and elegant. I've been knitting a lot of lace lately, so I think a pattern like this will be perfect for me to knit next. I am thinking of hosting an informal KAL in my Ravelry group if anyone wants to join me, but more about that later.

Anne also has some gorgeous stitch markers in her Etsy shop, if you're in the mood to look at some pretty.

(And thanks to Anne for letting me use her photos for this post!)

In shop news, my next update is tomorrow at 4pm Eastern! I'll have some soft and pretty springtime shades from the Macaron Collection in my Julep Sock.

Airelle aqua blue pale julep sock yarn mcn merino cashmere indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 001

Plus 10 skeins (in 5 colors) of Tea Cakes Lace! Yum.

Blackcurrant Jam purple dark Tea Cakes Lace merino silk laceweight yarn shawl shawlette 001

Later in the month, I'll have a brand new sock base that I just can't wait to dye up and see what happens! And tomorrow I'll have details on my next collaboration with Alecia from madbird!

Blackcurrant Jam

My next shop update is tomorrow, Tuesday, April 19th, at 2pm Eastern. Here's a tiny preview of what's coming.

I've developed a passion for jams. While I'd love to have the time to make my own - and maybe some berry bushes in the yard too - lately we've been buying a variety of yummy jams for our Saturday morning biscuits. When I first started offering hand-dyed yarn, Lingonberry Jam was one of the first I dyed. Since then I've been wanting to add other "jams" to the collection.

So finally, last week, I came up with Blackcurrant Jam.

Blackcurrant Jam purple gray muscadine sock yarn indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 003
Deep purples and plums are my favorites. This time it's on my Muscadine Sock base, but I can see dyeing this on a nice DK weight for a pretty cardigan. Or for mittens to go with my charcoal gray wool winter coat.

Yarn always reminds me of food. That's not weird, right?

Another yarn I have for this next update that I think is particularly special is Tigerlily Wine.  A year ago now, I handspun a yarn that I still think is the best I ever did. Purple and orange is definitely an interesting color combination, but somehow it just worked.

I wanted to see what that color combo would look like on a hand-dyed yarn. So here's Tigerlily Wine, on my Julep Sock base.

Tiger Lily Wine julep sock yarn mcn merino cashmere indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 004
Honestly, I couldn't get the pictures to do it justice.  It's light and dark and purple and wine and deep, burnt orange. When I squish it, this yarn lays me out flat! Heavenly.

One more - a little local Atlanta flavor - Frosted Orange! The Varsity is a local fast food joint that's been around forever. Walk in and they'll yell at you, "What'll ya have! What'll ya have!" Their "hot dog" is a chili dog, their "naked dog" is a hot dog, and you've gotta try their onion rings, Frosted Orange drink (creamy vanilla and orange), and fried peach pie.

Frosted Orange julep sock yarn mcn merino cashmere indie dyer springtree road top down magic loop toe up sock knitting crochet fingering weight 002
These Frosted Oranges are dyed on my Julep Sock base.

As for the rest of the update, I've got 34 yarns in 10 colorways ready to go tomorrow at 2pm, Eastern. Some are new colors - like Boreal and Midnight Rider - others are one's you've seen before - like Juno and Delicate Pink, but all are sock yarn in one of my three bases.

Next time ... hmmm ... I'm not sure yet, so please check back!

I've also got just 7 spots left in the Springtree Road Summer Sock Clique! Deadline for joining will be May 15th or when they're sold out, whichever comes first.


Welcoming Home Baby the Handcrafted Way

Have you seen this adorable book yet? I got my copy a week or two ago. If you're looking for something fresh and fun to knit for a friend's new babe (or your own), Tricia Drake's book is one you want on your shelf. And if you don't knit, you can peruse Tricia's Etsy shop instead.

Welcoming Home Baby

All the patterns are cute as little bunny buttons - I'm partial to the Sweet Dreams Hat, the Snuggle Me Nursing Cocoon & of course the Twisted Taffy Hat (all Ravelry links).

I provided the yarn for one version of the Twisted Taffy Hat and got a couple of sweet mentions from Tricia. My La Vie En Rose super bulky thick & thin handspun yarn is a great accent to the Blue Sky Alpacas yarn she uses in the pattern.


While I don't have any La Vie En Rose ready to go at the moment, if you'd like to make the hat as shown in the book, please contact me at springtreeroad at gmail and I'll be happy to spin some up for you.

Working with Tricia was a wonderful experience - what a sweetie! Thanks so much Tric! You're a dear. 

Philomath Worsted

A new base yarn is coming to my shop on Monday evening; I'm calling it Philomath Worsted. I've tried to put something personal and somehow charmingly Southern in all the names of my yarn bases. Tea Cakes Lace is named for the cookies my grandmother often made (the easiest cookie ever) and Muscadine Sock is named for the thick-skinned grapes I love that grow like crazy here.

There's a small town in Georgia near where I grew up called Philomath, which I've visited before. When I look at those pictures, it makes me want to get out my map, point my finger blindly, and go on more small town excursions. It's been so long, yet there always seems to be something else I need to do first. So my first inspiration for the name is my love of traveling to the small towns near wherever I happen to be living at the moment to see what I can find.

Tannis teal worsted superwash merino handdyed yarn hand dyed indie dyer springtree road 003 

Philomath, Georgia gets a mention in an REM song. Probably don't want to know what no-good they got up to in Philomath...

Pear golden gold green worsted superwash merino handdyed yarn hand dyed indie dyer springtree road 004 

A philomath is also someone who loves learning, which I think is pretty much everyone, right?

Philomath Worsted is 100% superwash Merino and will come in 100g skeins of 216 yards. There will be four colorways available to start with in my shop on Monday, April 11th, at 10pm Eastern.

Also coming up soon - details on a new yarn club I'm starting for summer!

Emeline Sock & update

On my agenda today was writing this blog post, plus about 15 other things. It's after 11pm now so I'm a tad late (unless you're on the West Coast!), but that's the way the mop flops, as my mama always says.

I'm having a big shop update in the morning! I've got lots of sock yarn, plus some DK weight

This is Didot, which I named after a font. I've got one more named for a font in this update, called Ionic No. 5. It's similar, but different (yes, I'm aces at giving clues!).


I really love my Eulela DK - it's a 50/50 blend of Merino and silk and I just love the way it takes dye. So shiny! I've got 4 different colors coming tomorrow. This one is called Delicate Peach.

Delicate Peach

My new yarn base is called Emeline Sock. It's a 50/50 blend of Merino/silk. Soft and wonderfully lustrous. I can't wait to dye more up - just gorgeous! This is Foxtail Pine, one of my favorites. First I dye it gold, then I dye it green. Love!

Foxtail Pine

I'm not the most patient person, so in the morning I'll grab my cup of coffee and turn the listings on. They're all ready to go!

For the next update I'll be dyeing worsted weight & sport. 

A newsletter for designers

Hello! Are you a knitwear designer? Crochet designer? I know that yarn support is important for independent designers - and for small hand-dyed yarn businesses too. So I'm starting a newsletter just for designers who would like to work with my hand-dyed yarn. I may provide a discount to you or complete yarn support, depending.

The newsletter will come to you every 1-3 months and will contain a call for submissions, though you should feel free to submit ideas to me at any time. Even if you're just starting out - don't be shy! If you've got a good idea, I want to hear it. The more details you can give me on your proposed project, the better.

To receive the newsletter, please email me at springtreeroad (at) gmail (dot) com with link(s) to your online portfolio, Ravelry page, etc., and I will add you to the list.

Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you.

Much ado

I'm keeping busy this winter, how about you?

I'm saving my yarn scraps for any birds that might need them this spring.

today i'm saving yarn for bird nests

I'm preparing myself for what might happen once a certain book of baby knits comes out and one of my handspun yarns is inside, a small part of one pattern.

I'm gearing up for the KAL that went on sale today and all the dyeing I hope to be doing for it - and the knitting of it, which will be my very first shawl (exciting!).

KAL yarns

I'm dreaming of spring and spring colors...and cookies.

I'm cooking from a new cookbook and enjoying it (especially the eggplant curry!).

I'm looking for knit/crochet designers to work with (are one? ...know any?).

I'm reading mythology with my 5-year-old.


Find All Cats

For Christmas, Santa brought V a really cool pad of paper. You draw on it in black ink and use the handy dandy 3D glasses that come with the paper and your artwork is in 3D! With the glasses, it even works on the computer screen. V drew this activity for her visiting Grandmo but she and I decided to share it with all of you too.

There are 12 cats hidden in this picture. You will know them by their eyes, peeking out of the trees and from behind the table. Can you find them all?

Find All Cats

Happy New Year from our family to yours!

In shop news, I got all excited this morning and put up my "something new." I've got big plans for 2011 for more weights and definitely lots more colors. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Yarn all around

I'm so very ready for 2011. I feel like I'm done with this year and I'm impatient for it to be over. I have 3 new projects I want to work on next year. New avenues for my business, photography, and family. That may be too much for me to accomplish in one year. If so, it'll be the photography project that gets pushed aside, as it has for the last 2 years.

I just now spun this yarn here. It's going to be called Moshi, similar to this roving, but in Corriedale X instead of superwash.

v moshi 002

A little while ago I had an epiphany about my business and since then I've been overwhelmed by all the possibilities and choices I have to make and the new things I have to learn. Sometimes I wish there were someone who would just tell me what to do and in what order to do it. I'd like to be able to press the EASY button, please. Pretty please?

This is the active single. You spin the yarn, wind it on the niddy noddy, tie it up, take it off and this is what bounces out at you. That's my favorite part. With the ties in place, it's a controlled chaos.

v moshi 008

I'm not someone who can just relax and know that the answers will come to me. It's in my head every waking moment, driving me a little crazy, until I can figure it out, get my process down, know that it's going to succeed. It's not a headache, it's personal growth really, but my head feels full. And I expect I'll have that feeling for the next several months, if not longer.

I took that controlled chaos of yarn and wound it into a hank - the simplest form for the yarn to take. Then I'll set the twist so it'll stick.

v moshi 015

Now I just need to do the same inside my head. Control the chaos, find the simplest form for this to take, then set the twist. On to 2011...

Newborns love handknits :)

Back in October, photographer Kari Smith contacted me about a pretty, fall-inspired superwash Merino roving I had in my Etsy shop. She wanted to know if I'd spin it up for her in a super bulky thick and thin style.

Normally, I don't use reds in my thick and thins. It's not a popular color for newborn photography props because it can bring out the red in baby's skin. But Kari wanted to make a small prop blanket, not a hat, and I was more than happy to spin it for her. Superwash Merino takes color really, really well and spinning this wool made for a gorgeous, super soft color-saturated skein of yarn that you just can't get with regular Merino (wonderful as it is).

Take a peek.

KSP-02370 for web Springtree Road Yarns

Kari says she used size 15 needles and just a basic stockinette stitch to knit a rectangle of soft and squishy blanket.

KSP-02576 for Springtree Road Yarns

I think it's perfect and a great use of fall/winter colors!

Kari Smith is a family photographer based in Freetown, Indiana.

Roving, for spinners

I've decided to sell my hand-dyed roving again, just in time for fall spinning. Because, well, these things happen. (I'm hatching a plan, as usual.)

I've just put a few braids in my Etsy shop. The first one is called Waving Woods. It's the colors of an autumn wood: a firey orange-red, burnt orange, dark brown & olive. I got the name from an Anne Bronte poem that recalls summer, not fall, but I still thought the name fit.

Waving Woods

I also have a yarn spun up in this colorway.

This next colorway is called All the Pretty Horses, after the book of the same title by Cormac McCarthy. I've had this one in my head for a while - a wild horse-inspired colorway - & I love it. 

All the Pretty Horses

I'm also going to do a few semi-solids for folks who might like to make a 2-ply yarn (might also be good for felters...hmmm...), so this one, Kohl, coordinates with All the Pretty Horses.


And that's where I'm headed this fine day. I'll still be spinning, though, never fear. I'm working on my next big shop update right now!

Dye night

V is fast asleep in her bed. R is downstairs playing his guitar. I'm in the kitchen with four batches of wool and all sorts of colors. It's 9pm and the house is quiet.

I fill the sink halfway with warm water, add a few drops of soap, submerge two batches of wool. I put water on to boil in my special dyeing teapot, which I don't use for any other purpose. I turn on the oven and wipe out my pans to make sure that old colors don't mix with new. I've culled a list of color combination ideas down to four. I put on my protective gloves and gather the colors from my boxes of dye powder. I have two boxes, over 100 colors, to choose from. Sometimes choosing them is as easy as falling off a horse, sometimes much less so.

The kettle just barely begins to whisle so I turn it off. After a good day with the 4-year-old, I don't want any loud. I squeeze the water out of one batch of wool and use it to line a roasting pan, then the other. I'm  impressed with how dirty the water is as I let it drain. I put my measuring cup in the sink. I pour boiling water into the cup and then sprinkle dye power over it and stir for two minutes. Looks like cherry Jello. I fill a squirt bottle with the red dye and then do this twice more with olive and orange. Looks like autumn.

People call it painting. Hand-painted wool. When you find out that really it's just colors splashed on the wool and baked you might think well, what's the big deal? But it really is painting. Because you've got to know your dyes and what they're going to do, though sometimes not knowing is half the fun. Some separate no matter what I do, but that's ok because they separate beautifully. Some reds separate into gray and red. I don't like that much. Purples often separate into blue and purple and I don't like that much either. Sometimes you pour on three colors and end up with six when they separate and they all go together fantastically. Sometimes I mix the dye with just hot water instead of boiling because it's the only way I can get that blue I love, even though it comes attached to the olive. I love the olive too, but I'm still searching for the perfect blue. There are lots of colors I'm still searching for.

Dyes mixed and ready, I put one of the roasting pans over one side of the sink and start squirting dyes onto the wool, being careful to get the dye all the way through it as best I can. I use one hand to sop up the color with the wool. When I'm finished, I put the pan in the oven and start mixing the second batch of colors. The kitchen is hot.

I've got two pans and two pots. Tonight I'm using the pots for semi-solid colors. Quick and easy. Someone would like a pale lavender yarn. I've been searching for just the right lavender for over a year now and haven't found it. I have a new dye that I'm hoping will be it. I measure what I think the right amount of powder will be and mix it with the boiling water. I pour the dye into the pot of water I've filled and stir it. I push the Merino under the dye water. Grape. I'll use this one for a Halloween yarn I have planned and try again for the lavender next time.

Two pans cooling, two pots cooking, I put away all my dyes and other supplies. I scrub the kitchen and my hands. I write down exactly what I've done in case I need to do it again someday. When the pots have cooked long enough, I turn off the heat and cover them. It's 10:30.

Tomorrow I'll rinse everything out and hang it to dry. I turn off the lights. I want a shower, a little knitting, and bed.

Three bags full

I have a pile of yarn for my next shop update. I just took pictures today. Pictures of twenty yarns. I have a twin set, a pumpkin yarn, two that look like they should match but don't (one's darker/one's lighter), one that I think I want to name Platypus, two with chartreuse, and one 2-ply.

Three bags full

I have 600 photos to go through and pick three for each of them to edit. Once I finish that, I'll be able to put them in the shop. Oh how I'd like to have that done for tomorrow! But it might be Monday before I can get all my loose ends woven in.

non pattern

I've also been working on the solution to a problem. A "how much yarn would it take to knit this?" kind of a problem.  I should finally have an answer to that soon. And I've made a pair of fingerless mitts. I've been a mighty busy fiberista in this heavy August heat.

Here's to cooler weather!

Tomorrow is 8.9.10

Wow. Life is busy, yes?

Today I'm shooting photos for tomorrow's shop update

I have blog posts in my head, but no time to get them out. I need to write them in my beloved Moleskine (thanks, Alexis!) so I won't forget.

V hands 279

I've been dreaming of zombies. That we were in a car and V was driving and we were hoping not to get infected (I blame the recession).

v taking photos

I've been dreaming of elevators - escorting people into them, pressing the button, but having the stairs I'm standing on descend instead (I blame Inception).

V hands 286

I've been spinning my little fingers off (a sport weight 2-ply! I'm so excited - my thinnest 2-ply ever!) and feeling the growing pains that have hit me since I decided to bring the yarn photos inside (I blame the heat of summer).

I know I'll work the kinks out eventually so I'm just taking deep breaths until then. I can only learn through doing. And redoing. And then some more doing.

v is helping

Today I had help with my photo session. Tomorrow I'll be listing 20 new yarns in the shop.

A KAL for September - on sale today!

UPDATE: All sold out! A big thank you to all who will be participating.


So, Alecia from madbird & I are doing our first-ever knitalong!

KAL 006

We've got a great pattern - the Chunky Twisted Cowl from Jennifer at JayKayKnits.

KAL 001

The yarn will be super bulky - it'll knit up mighty quick!

KAL 002

The kits go on sale today at 10am - just 10 available. The kits will ship out by August 30th and the KAL will begin September 6th, lasting through the 30th.

KAL 003

I'll have five kits for sale in my shop and Alecia will have five kits in hers. We'll be discussing the KAL and sharing photos in this thread in Alecia's Ravelry group.

We'd love to have you join us!


One of my lovely customers asked me about a custom order - a 2-ply yarn with dark blue and turquoise for one strand and greens with a bit of yellow for the other. The idea I was going for is seaweed.

wakame 001

So I spun up the blue & turquoise pretty thin.

wakame 002

And the greens/yellow I spun thin but with really bulky bits.

wakame 003

Then I plied it together.


I love it! I want some of my own & V wants some of her own too. What fun it was to spin.

Bees & giveaway(s)!!

I think we had the best day ever today! We took a day trip to Chattanooga. We saw some bees along the way. I'm going to share a few more photos once I go through all (629) of them.

v Chattanooga 037

And Tonya is holding a giveaway on her blog, Plain and Joyful Living. She knitted an adorable baby vest from the yarn she won in my last giveaway and now she's giving the vest away - how gracious and lovely she is! So if you're having a baby soon or know someone who is, head on over to enter!

v Chattanooga 034

So I think I'll have another contest. I'm looking for someone who has a blog where you talk at least occasionally about the things you're knitting/crocheting. You must be willing to knit/crochet something from my yarn using a pattern that can be found on the Internet (free or not) and blog about it within a month's time. If that sounds just like you, leave me a comment and I'll pick a winner to get a free skein of yarn. I know which one I'd pick (my new favorite)!

v Chattanooga 019

Sound good? Just leave me a comment. I'll close comments sometime on Friday, July 16th (both my anniversary and my Etsyversary!) and announce the winner as soon as possible after. International contestants are welcome!

Matching handspun yarn/project bags!

So Alecia (from madbird) and I came up with a really fun idea - matching a project bag with handspun yarn!

hedgie love 3

Alecia chose two hedgehog patterns and I dyed up some wool to match the colors in the fabric. This is Hedgie Love.

hedgie love 1

This being our first collaboration, we have only made four kits - and two of them have already sold! They went on sale this morning at 10am. This one is called Quills.

quills 2

We're not planning to make more kits in this pattern (though we do have other plans for August/September - more about that in July!) so when they're gone, they are gone, baby!

quills 3

So, what do you think? Cool idea? I'm totally psyched. They look so cute together!

Wiley Eats

Instead of writing the sequel to The Cat and the Person Play Together yesterday, we wrote a book called Wiley Eats.

It was a true family collaboration. V drew the pictures, wrote WILE and EAT, glued on the wool, and came up with 100% of the text.

Wiley Eats Cover

I wrote the Y and the S on the cover, colored the cats, wrote down the text V dictated, and made the dots in the litterbox.

Wiley Eats Page 1

R wrote the authors'/illustrators' names on the cover.

Wiley Eats Page 2

I think the story really comes to its logical conclusion - yes? This is real life, y'all. Everybody's gotta use the litterbox sometime.

Wiley Eats Page 3 Epilogue

So, what do you think? Do I have a storyteller or do I have a storyteller? An artist too, I think!

P.S. If you're here now, that means you found me after the changeover. What do you think of the new site? Nice? Can you find me easily whenever you want? That's what I'm hoping...

Maria's handspun scarf

Yesterday I sent out my newsletter announcing the opening of my new shop and I mentioned there that you can get $10 off your next order if you will blog about making something from my yarn or fiber and send me the link to use here on my blog. Maria, one of my lovely customers, emailed me back saying that she didn't have a blog but she wanted to share some pictures with me of the scarf she made from my "Fresh Cut" yarn that she got a little while ago.

Maria's Scarf 2

I told her hey, let me use the pictures on my own blog and I'll be happy to give you the $10 off and she agreed. How sweet of her!

Maria crocheted the Chain Maille Scarf (rav link). She said that this was the first thing she'd ever crocheted and that she "adored the Merino/Tencel combination which made it slide through the fingers so easily and the constantly changing colours were a joy." That makes me so happy to hear! I love it when people are as excited by fiber as I am.

Maria's Scarf 1

So thank you to Maria for allowing me to use her words and photos - I very much appreciate it. Your scarf looks just beautiful!

I often think of myself as having a "micro-business" because it's just me here, dyeing, spinning, photographing, marketing, etc. I really feel like I must be doing something right when someone goes out of her way to tell me she found my shop through a friend (online or otherwise!). So this offer is open to you too - if you blog about a project you've finished with my yarn/fiber, send me the link (and feel free to add your photos to my Flickr group). If you don't have a blog, email me the photos, along with permission to use them here and on Flickr. Either way, you'll get $10 off your next order for spreading the love!

Same handspun yarn, brand new shop!

So, I went and opened a new shop - it's still handspun yarn, but this time it's completely my own space.

susan 02

Of course I love my Etsy shop - Etsy is a great place for me to be and I'm not at all planning to close that shop. But since summer is almost here and things are slow, it seemed like the right time to devote myself to building something from scratch.

Citron Vert et Violette handspun yarn bfl bluefaced leicester wool purple violet lime green 005

Any questions? One I can think of that you might have is about shipping charges. If you happen to find two yarn/fiber lovelies that you'd like to buy only one's in the Etsy shop and one's in the new shop, I'll mail them together and refund the overage in shipping, no problem! Other than that, let me know if you have any questions.

susan 01

The new shop isn't completely ready yet. I still have to write up some stuff for it. But for the people who know me best, I decided I didn't want to keep it quiet any longer. I'll be working on both shops over the long, hot summer (unlike these flowers, I was completely wilting today out in the backyard!) and stocking them up for fall.

As always, I thank you for your continued support. My customers and blog readers are wonderful. I'm so blessed by each of you!

Also (only a week late - so sorry about that!), I wanted to let you know that there's an interview with me over at the Rambling Designs blog.

And she didn't even get the mud on her white shirt

If you'll be so kind as to visit my friend Sosae's blog, you can enter to win a giveaway for something in my shop - you get to choose. Plus I say a few things. A lot of things, really. I'm a talker. Yep.

So we made our hummingbird food (4 parts water, 1 part sugar, dissolved. No honey. No artificial color.) and hung it in the backyard on a shepherd's hook. But I didn't take any pictures of it. I had yarn to photograph and then V actually let me photograph her in a way that made me happy. These days she's not usually so cooperative (which is fine; I understand).

She will often happily let me photograph the silly faces she makes or with something in front of her face.

v 163

Sometimes I can catch her without something in front of her face, though.

v 121

And occasionally I'll catch her just being her.

v 192

Those are my favorite shots.

v2 202

Sometimes ... oh so rarely ... she'll give me a smile and I'll snap it quickly for as long as it lasts.

v 148

Those are my favorite times.

v 156

And then I'll take pictures of whatever she wants me to photograph, so we can print it out later for her collection.

v 198

I'm already seeing her face change into what it's going to look like next. I don't so much see it in real life, but will catch a glimpse of it in a photo.

v 087

It fascinates me.

Oh baby!

Look at this newborn beauty.

Lace baby wrap green mohair tafari 001

Gorgeous, isn't she?

When I started making the lace baby wraps, I knew I had to ask Tafari to take pictures for me. Because he's the best photographer I know. I first saw his work on Flickr and was amazed. He's the real thing, y'all.

So thanks to Tafari for helping me out! I can't wait to see more.

Lace baby wrap green mohair tafari 002

I'm sure Madison's mama is one happy lady today! The cuteness helps so much with the sleep deprivation, doesn't it?!

If you live in the Detroit/Ypsilanti, Michigan area and are in need of the best photographer around, be sure to check out Tafari Stevenson-Howard. He does all different types of photos (weddings, newborns, products, head shots, etc.) and is a pleasure to work with.


I'm working on a few changes here, trying to get everything together in a more together sort of way. Soonish, springtreeroad.com will become my landing page & the blog will have a different address. It won't happen tomorrow, but it'll happen soon.

To celebrate, I'll have a giveaway. Maybe just on the newsletter, maybe not. Haven't decided yet. 

And how are you? Good? If you're kind enough to leave me a comment today, I'll swing by and see what's going on with you on your blog. I've always enjoyed emailing people back when they leave me comments, but lately that hasn't been possible. Hours in the day and all that (though of course I read them! And I love them!). And I haven't been reading a lot of blogs either. I miss both those things.

And my backyard is full of weeds. Most of them aren't this pretty, but this one is.

a weed 128

So that's my story, Morning Glory. Now I'm off to take pictures and dye some wool...

V found the bandaids

I tried to hide them from her.

V found the bandaids 002

She'll use them for "cuts" and "scrapes" and "really, really hurty boo boos" until they're gone. And then when she needs one...

Hey - I'm starting a newsletter for my handspun yarn & fibers shop so I can announce specials and sales and things of that sort. There's a subscribe form over in the right sidebar. Now if I can only fix it so it's not getting cut off on the right.


A few words before I attack the mountain...

Is it warm where you live yet? It's pretty warm here. So we've been out in the backyard.


It's making me sneeze, but I love watching V putter around, digging in the dirt. And then I "time" her while she runs from one end to the other - she's fast as the wind!

A few weeks ago, I sent a skein of my yarn to Cindy and Mat - they have a new knitting-and-things podcast called MustStashYo. They talk about my yarn in episode 8, if you'd like to check it out. I'm looking forward to seeing what Cindy makes with it.

I let them choose which yarn they wanted from my shop and they chose one in my colorway PrairyErth.

PrairyErth 001

I named this colorway after a book by William Least Heat-Moon. I really like his books.

Today my house is a mess! There, I said it. Mountains of laundry, dirty dishes, no food in the fridge. Time for me to get to work...and try not to think about the fresh, new film that came in the mail for my old camera the other day.

Any fiber dyers in the house?

I have a special project coming up soon and I will be in need of a couple of fiber dyers (not yarn though, just fiber). If you are an ace fiber dyer and would like some steady work coming up in the next 1-3 months (and for the next year or so) please send me an email: springtreeroad (at) yahoo (dot) com. Whether you're an established shop or just getting started, it's ok with me - if you're interested just send me a note and I'll explain everything.