in my head

Yarn all around

I'm so very ready for 2011. I feel like I'm done with this year and I'm impatient for it to be over. I have 3 new projects I want to work on next year. New avenues for my business, photography, and family. That may be too much for me to accomplish in one year. If so, it'll be the photography project that gets pushed aside, as it has for the last 2 years.

I just now spun this yarn here. It's going to be called Moshi, similar to this roving, but in Corriedale X instead of superwash.

v moshi 002

A little while ago I had an epiphany about my business and since then I've been overwhelmed by all the possibilities and choices I have to make and the new things I have to learn. Sometimes I wish there were someone who would just tell me what to do and in what order to do it. I'd like to be able to press the EASY button, please. Pretty please?

This is the active single. You spin the yarn, wind it on the niddy noddy, tie it up, take it off and this is what bounces out at you. That's my favorite part. With the ties in place, it's a controlled chaos.

v moshi 008

I'm not someone who can just relax and know that the answers will come to me. It's in my head every waking moment, driving me a little crazy, until I can figure it out, get my process down, know that it's going to succeed. It's not a headache, it's personal growth really, but my head feels full. And I expect I'll have that feeling for the next several months, if not longer.

I took that controlled chaos of yarn and wound it into a hank - the simplest form for the yarn to take. Then I'll set the twist so it'll stick.

v moshi 015

Now I just need to do the same inside my head. Control the chaos, find the simplest form for this to take, then set the twist. On to 2011...

My movie collection

When I was a teenager, I decided that one day I would get an old movie camera and take lots of random movies in both black & white and color, and then I would edit them together into a film. I'd create a collection of these films and then when I had my tiny apartment in New York City and worked for Vogue magazine, I'd have really great parties. At the parties I'd project these movies onto a wall to create a cool background ambiance.

I haven't done any of those things.

This morning, as I was waking up, I had a short dream. It probably lasted all of two seconds.

I was standing in the back of a dirty, red pickup truck. I had a video camera in my hand. The ground was light brown, dusty. The sky was bright blue, cloudless. In front of me were pinto horses, noses to the right, saddled up with cowboys on their backs. They were standing around. I looked through the viewfinder, started at the left, and quickly filmed the cowboys and horses from left to right.

My eyes opened and my first thought was that film would be perfect for my collection.


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