V's gone viral

A couple of weeks go I got an email from the nice folks at youtube telling me that one of my videos of V had gone viral and did I want to put ads on it? I said yes - I doubt it'll earn enough for the college fund, but I just really wanted to see what it was like. You hear about youtube videos going viral but I certainly never thought it would happen to me.

At 20k+ views, it's not exactly a blockbuster but it's been fun to watch the numbers go up. want to see it? It's a video of V playing with a wooden alphabet puzzle . I got her the puzzle because I had the idea that it might be easier to learn your letters if you could actually manipulate them with your hands. No idea if that would work for every kid, but V had them down easily by 18-months-old.

It's not even funny! And here I thought only the funny ones went viral!

I think I'll turn into ... The Cat!

When my brother was a kidlet he used to say, "I think I'll turn into ... The Cat!" and then he'd jump around all over the furniture like a cat. After a while he'd say, "I think I'll turn into ... myregularself!" and then he'd start acting "normally."

I know I've said before that V pretends to be a different cat every day - sometimes several different cats throughout the day. So a lot of times she just calls herself "The Cat." This reminds me of my little brother and I think it's sweet.

So V took her camera around today, took a bunch of pictures of our cats, and insisted that she'd made a movie, I put the photos together with my handy dandy Windows Movie Maker and here's the result. We hope you enjoy it!

Yarns for tonight

So today, after working like crazy since last Saturday I realized I didn't have that much to do. But since I'm in go mode, I felt like I needed to do something. Sure, I could clean the house or do some laundry. Or I could make a video. So here's a video of the yarns I'll be listing tonight. Not terribly exciting, but I'm just feeling it out to see how I like making such videos and I'm thinking I'll do more in the future. Just for fun.