vintage love

Look what I got from Mireio

Pretty vintage salt & pepper shakers.

mireio s&p 01

They're so lovely, I want to hold them all day long.

mireio s&p 02

My kitchen was painted green by the previous owner. Not even a pretty green - more like split pea soup (not my favorite soup!). I had no idea what color I wanted to paint it, or what style to decorate it, but now I'm thinking I'll paint it a matching blue or a sunny yellow and add just a touch of vintage decor along with my plain white plates. Is it silly to decorate your kitchen around a set of salt and pepper shakers? I dunno, but it sounded logical to me as I was talking myself into buying them!

If you haven't yet seen Mireio on Etsy, check it out. Wende's store is full of calming candles, lovely spa pillows, just-right vintage finds, and more.

Beautiful blue

I'm such a procrastinator. By that I mean that I have not unpacked a box in at least a week - and probably two weeks before that. Until this morning, that is.

This morning I unpacked a box with a few of my favorite things. Wind chimes to go outside. My favorite photo of a cat I used to have. And this tiny pot.

twisty 038

I got it at an estate sale about 12 years ago. It doesn't say who made it and it's not really big enough for much, but I love it. Maybe I'll plant one of those miniature African Violets in it and see if I can keep it alive for more than a month.

Unless you have a better suggestion for a very small plant that's quite unkillable?

If I were going to be in a story book, I'd get all dressed up too

Someone was trying to be just like Daddy this morning. I don't ever use emoticons on my blog, but this definitely calls for a :(

v 032

So we cleaned her up, sprayed some medicine on, and read The Bunny Book.

v 037

My favorite part is where she names the different kinds of bunnies: Dutch, Vienna Blue, Flemish Giant, Cottontail, and Chinchilla. It's hard to say Flemish Giant when you're three, but really cute to watch when you're the mom.

We all know what bunnies really like to do in their spare time, right?

v 035

She hardly notices the scratch now, but I know her Daddy is going to have a big :( when he sees this. It's really not that bad - could've been a lot worse. Sweet girl. It can be so hard to grow up. I'm giving her lots of kisses today. Makes things much easier - on me.

I want this (3 of 3)

This was my baby cup. Should be mine, right?


my baby cup

I almost - almost - stole it. Just so I could clean it. And then I'd give it back. Yeah sure, I'd give it right back.

My mom knows me better than that!

Stay tuned if you're a photographer; later this week I have a really cute giveaway planned.

I want this (2 of 3)

My mom also has this most adorable creamer. She used to admire it at her grandmother's house when she was just a wee girl, and eventually her grandmother gave it to her.

I admired it my whole life, but she won't give it to me.

cat creamer

She's got some nerve. How am I supposed to put cream in my coffee now?!

Home again

Today V went to her first Musikgarten class. We have quietly set aside the ballet class until January; then we will try again. So we're going to Musikgarten instead. V is the oldest kid in her class of four, but I think it's a good fit until she understands how things are done in the class. In January, she can move up to the 3-5 year old class if we continue with Musikgarten. I still feel a bit overwhelmed by finding things for her to do and friends for her to play with. We feel certain that we are going to homeschool (or unschool or tidal homeschool) and, while I certainly have nothing against her having friends who go to a traditional school, I would love to find a few people with kids in her age group who also plan to homeschool. But maybe I just haven't looked hard enough. There is still the SOFH meeting, and we will go to that again. She may be the youngest only child there (there are some young ones, but they have older siblings), but it's still something fun to do. I think I'm the one that's really feeling a bit lonely.

See this? It's a little candy dish, shaped like a log.

glass log 002

My mom gave this to me this past weekend. It was my grandmother's. She says it had a lid at one time, but it was broken. I love the detail of the tree rings on the sides.

glass log 003

Mom gave me two other things I'll share later. It's always wonderful when my mom gives me things I remember from the past (I just wish she'd have brought me some old pictures!). I can see that dish sitting up on the shelves in the den. I can see my grandfather out in the garden and my grandmother making cat head biscuits in the kitchen. I can taste those biscuits.

I put the dish in the window to take the picture, for the light. As I often like to do, I held the camera up and took a photo without looking through the viewfinder.

outside my window

I feel that lately my thoughts are going just like those branches - every which way. So I'm making lists to clear my head. That's the thing to do, right?

Special box

There was one box left in V's room. I had no idea what was in it. So I got it down from her bookshelf today and started going through it. I knew it had been packed away for a while because the box was from some cookware we got as a wedding gift 6 years ago.

When I opened it, I realized this was my special box, full of many of the breakable things I find most special. Love.

This is a Fenton candlestick that was given to me by a woman I used to work for. She owned a clothing shop and I worked there while I was in (and out and back in) college. Once there was a candle in it that I couldn't get out, so I put the oven on barely warm and stuck it inside to melt the wax. Don't ever do that. A small piece broke right off. I superglued it. Don't tell anyone. I have been on the lookout for a match for many, many years. I've never seen another one.

special box 018

This is an Edwin M. Knowles China Co. plate that a friend gave to my mom and then she later gave to me. It will go on the wall. I was told that it's very precious, but I don't know that for sure so I'm not taking any chances. I used to have quite the collection of usable vintage plates, teacups, etc. But I got rid of them all because I am an idiot. Or because I didn't have the fortitude to cart them around all five towns in three states we've lived in. Take your pick of excuses.

special box 017

This is my grandmother's teapot. It is a Hall. I had completely forgotten I had it. I thought my mom had it. She has one or two of my grandmother's teapots that are even older, but this was her everyday teapot and the one I love best. Even though it looks kind of like a genie bottle and is missing its lid and innards. It had a white ceramic strainer inside, if I remember correctly. No idea where the lid and innards are. The handle is cracked. I'm sure it will look like junk to many people, but when I felt the shape of it, covered in newspaper inside the box, I gasped aloud and my heart sang.

special box 016

I'll be cleaning the teapot up soon. Then I may work on making a photosynth of it. That would be really cool, I think.

Oh my, what could this be for?

special box 021

Hmmmmm...have you ever seen one of these? Bling!

supersize barbie 002

When I was a kid, my friends L and S each had one of these (they're twins). For years and years, long after I should be admitting to doing so, I'd beg and plead until they'd bring one of them out for me to play with.Then one day, I realized the power of ebay and got my own. I also got a Magic Window from ebay, but that's a post for another day.

special box 048

special box 060

Supersize Barbie is an 18-inch Barbie doll that was made in the late 1970s. She comes with a silver swimsuit and a matching satin skirt and pants.

special box 031

V particularly liked the ring and the barrette that come with it.

special box 041

special box 040

I love the box too. The 70s rule.

supersize barbie 012

TGIF, y'all! I have it on good authority that V's Hello Kitty that I promised her for her 3rd birthday next month (and which she's been talking about for going on 6 months now) will be on her way home today, wearing a kimono. Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell!

Happy weekend!