V's art

Painting V

The other morning while I was finishing up on the computer, I could hear V running around the house in a flurry. When I finally got up and walked out to the dining room, I found that she had gathered everything she needed for painting: paints, paper, palette, paper towels, brushes, and a jar of water.

V Paints 001

I think she'd only used the brushes for about 20 seconds before she decided to use her fingers instead.

V Paints 002

The mess was small, but the fun was large!

V Paints 003


Find All Cats

For Christmas, Santa brought V a really cool pad of paper. You draw on it in black ink and use the handy dandy 3D glasses that come with the paper and your artwork is in 3D! With the glasses, it even works on the computer screen. V drew this activity for her visiting Grandmo but she and I decided to share it with all of you too.

There are 12 cats hidden in this picture. You will know them by their eyes, peeking out of the trees and from behind the table. Can you find them all?

Find All Cats

Happy New Year from our family to yours!

In shop news, I got all excited this morning and put up my "something new." I've got big plans for 2011 for more weights and definitely lots more colors. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Wiley Eats

Instead of writing the sequel to The Cat and the Person Play Together yesterday, we wrote a book called Wiley Eats.

It was a true family collaboration. V drew the pictures, wrote WILE and EAT, glued on the wool, and came up with 100% of the text.

Wiley Eats Cover

I wrote the Y and the S on the cover, colored the cats, wrote down the text V dictated, and made the dots in the litterbox.

Wiley Eats Page 1

R wrote the authors'/illustrators' names on the cover.

Wiley Eats Page 2

I think the story really comes to its logical conclusion - yes? This is real life, y'all. Everybody's gotta use the litterbox sometime.

Wiley Eats Page 3 Epilogue

So, what do you think? Do I have a storyteller or do I have a storyteller? An artist too, I think!

P.S. If you're here now, that means you found me after the changeover. What do you think of the new site? Nice? Can you find me easily whenever you want? That's what I'm hoping...

I think I'll turn into ... The Cat!

When my brother was a kidlet he used to say, "I think I'll turn into ... The Cat!" and then he'd jump around all over the furniture like a cat. After a while he'd say, "I think I'll turn into ... myregularself!" and then he'd start acting "normally."

I know I've said before that V pretends to be a different cat every day - sometimes several different cats throughout the day. So a lot of times she just calls herself "The Cat." This reminds me of my little brother and I think it's sweet.

So V took her camera around today, took a bunch of pictures of our cats, and insisted that she'd made a movie, I put the photos together with my handy dandy Windows Movie Maker and here's the result. We hope you enjoy it!